How To Solve Product Issues with BeamON

How To Solve Product Issues with BeamON

As products of the same workflow are linked to each other, a change in one product (e.g. a firmware update) may impact the functionality of another product directly related to its workflow ‘partner’. BeamON makes those relations visible for you in a simple view, to identify product issues in your inventory faster and earlier.

The following case shows how to analyse an arising issue with the help of Workflow Tags in BeamON.

The Issue Case

Our studio inventory shows a problem with one Blackmagic Design Speed Editor at the editing desk in Master Control. One member of the editing team raised a service ticket about a controller that can not access the DaVinci software running on the connected editing computer, a MacBook Pro.

"Hey tech team, one of our BMD speed editors stopped working. Can you help?"

The Platform Steps

The following steps will show you how the BeamON user in the tech team is using the platform to identify the cause of the controller issue, analysing workflow related products and starting an internal task to solve the issue and change the status of the controller.

Analysis Step #1 - Use the Inventory search to quickly find the BMD Speed Editor with the reported issue in your inventory

Analysis Step #2 - Select the product to land on the Asset Page, click on the Status to read more of the reported issue

Analysis Step #3 - Review all lately performed product updates for the Speed Editor while clicking on the update details

Analysis Step #4 - The latest DaVinci software update v17.4.3, that was recently installed, requires macOS 10.15. Click on the EDITING workflow tag to find the related MacBook and check the OS version

Analysis Step #5 - The OS version currently running on this Mac is 10.14. But the installed DaVinci version requires a higher OS version. We seem to have found the issue:)

The Solution and Next Steps

Upgrade the macOS version of the editing MacBook Pro to 10.15 Catalina to allow DaVinci to boot properly.

Solving Step #1 - Create an internal update for the MacBook Pro to urgently update the MacOS version to 10.15 Catalina 

Solving Step #2 - Check the software booting and functionality
of the Speed Editor once the new macOS is installed. If solved, change the editor status to ACTIVE

The operating system version on the editing MacBook caused the BMD controller issue. After the tech team member upgraded the OS version, the controller worked properly and the editor team was happy.

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