Utilizing Internal Updates for Workflows

Utilizing Internal Updates for Workflows

Internal Updates are a critical resources for your organization to manage workflows. Assign tasks to team members, stay connected to what is going on, and address asset issues proactively with BeamON.

What do you do when something goes wrong with an asset? 

Problem solving an asset issue often leaves engineers and users with incomplete data to manage and understand the technology - we know there are so many moving pieces to managing your inventory, and keeping everybody on the same page can be a challenge. Additionally, because engineering systems don’t always speak the same language as corporate & financial systems, reporting back up the value chain on asset uptime, security compliance, asset life cycles and refresh cycles. has become a manual, human process. 

AKA - there is a lot of information cycling around an asset and addressing issues when they happen, especially with how many different people often need to be involved.

To simplify this process for your team, we suggest you start with Beam.

Using a central place to track your assets information creates a streamlined resource for your entire team to stay in contact and get on the same page. But for this to work, you need to have systems in place that keep BeamON up-to-date, and to then align your team around fixing the issue.

5 steps to create smart workflows to address asset issues

Step 1) Go to the Asset Page

Step 2) Update the Asset Status or Add a New Tag

Step 3) Review Asset Updates from OEM

Step 4) Create Internal Update & Assign to Right Users

Step 5) Track Status over Time in Inventory Page

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