Why And How To Use Workflow Tags in BeamON

Why And How To Use Workflow Tags in BeamON

Knowing how assets are linked to each other is critical in a modern tech environment. The BeamON Tag Management helps you to stay on top of the links between products.

“We can not see how gear is linked to our internal production workflows, but this is important to identify issues and gaps in our inventory”

BeamON offers a Tag Management, that allows you to identify your assets with ease. You can utilize tags specific to your organization to best organize your assets in whatever way fits best. Tags can be organized into groups, with individual tags within a tag category. Tags can be used to link products to your internal workflows, but also to identify asset location, responsible users or if they belong to a certain kit configuration.

Why using Tags for your internal Workflows?

  • Organize Your Workflows
  • Identify Your Assets
  • Identify Issues Faster
  • Use Default Workflows
  • Customize Workflows

How are they displayed in BeamON?

Workflow and other tag groups are visible via Inventory Overview. Each Tag Group has a customizable color code - a simple mouse hover provides you with more detailed tag information for the selected asset.

Tags displayed in Inventory Overview

Workflow and other tag groups are also accessible directly from the Asset Page. Here you can hover to see the tag category or you can click on each tag button, to discover other assets assigned to the same tag - in the shown case we see all products linked to the ENG workflow and can click on each asset to land on the dedicated Asset Page

Tag displayed in Asset Page and Tag Detail View

What Workflow Tags are available?

As default we provide you with 11 most common broadcast production workflows, to reduce your platform set-up efforts. 

You can use those default values without the need to create your own workflow tags. But you can also customize and add other workflows. You can also give the workflow group a different button color.

BeamON Default Workflows:

  • Audio Automation
  • Control Room Automation
  • Editing
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • Master Control Automation
  • Mobile Unit
  • Monitoring
  • Play-out Automation
  • Prompting Automation
  • Quality Control
  • Remote Production
Detailed view for the news gathering workflow and the related asset types. You can filter your inventory view by dedicated tags

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