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Frequently Asked


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General Questions

Get to know the basics of our Technology Management Platform

What makes the BeamON platform more useful than something like Microsoft Excel?

We are SO glad you asked. The BeamON platform introduces a dynamic way to manage your data. When your asset list is imported into the platform, “matches” are made that actually like your specific assets to the information provided by the manufacturer, and then pushes manufacturer released updates, resources, contacts, and documents directly to you within BeamON. This level of insight into your asset means better coverage and reduced unforeseen issues in a way that non-dynamic data management (such as a spreadsheet) cannot offer.

Can I view a change history log of an asset? 

By navigating to an asset inside of your inventory, you are able to see a record of the most recent status change of that asset, who made the change and on what date, as well as any notes that they included. This log is limited to the most recent change, (i.e., if you make a change to the status, then that information then becomes available in the log to review before the next change.)

Does BEAM offer an API to tie into 3rd party systems? 

At this point in time we do not, but we are actively pursuing integrations that we believe will benefit our customer base. If you have a specific integration you are looking for, we’d love for you to share that with us! Please email Michelle, our Director of Customer Success, with what you are looking for.

Can I mass edit or delete assets? 

Yes, you can. Navigate to your inventory, and then in the top right corner select “mass edit.” This will allow you to make changes to multiple assets at one time, as well as to delete multiple assets at one time. You are able to work with up to 60 assets at one time.

Who should I contact on your team for help?

Our Director of Customer Success, Michelle, would love to hear from you! You can email her directly at

Who on my team needs access to the platform?

We recommend that you create user profiles for anybody on our team that manages and relies on your inventory for their necessary job functions. We have four different user roles you can select from to manage their privileges in the platform, in order to make sure you have everything operating the way that you’d like!

My inventory is not currently organized and I am overwhelmed - where should I start?

We’re here to help! If you are starting from scratch to capture your inventory, we suggest you start with the following steps:

  1. Meet with your team to get organized: what are the main pain points in your inventory capture? What are the priorities? Is there anybody you need to get involved who is not yet?
  2. Start with what you have: does this information live anywhere that you could access? Financial reports, old purchase orders or invoices, the back of a napkin - you get the idea!
  3. Start with the most important - we suggest outlining your most critical pieces of equipment and committing to getting those into the platform first. Accessories or easily replaceable items (lights, cords, etc!) should be a secondary priority to critical equipment.
  4. Build a schedule and share it with us - what are your goals and what is your timeline? Let us help keep your team accountable.
Do I have to create a user profile for someone on my team in order to assign updates to them?

Yes, you do - to be assigned an asset or an update, the individual must be a user in the platform. However, you can assign them whichever privileges you’d like, including the role of “Viewer” which means they are able to view information in the platform without editing, if this would be a better fit for your team at this time.

Can I upload assets into my inventory that are not supported? (I.e., that are not able to match to manufacturers.)

Absolutely! It is completely up to you. You are able to put any and all assets into the BEAM platform that you would like to - just keep in mind that if an asset is not “matched” then it does not pull updates, contacts, or resources from the manufacturer.

I see a label “Temporary Product” in the platform on one of my assets - what does this mean?

A temporary product means that we could not make a “match” in our system directly between the asset you uploaded and the manufacturer. This can happen for a two different reasons: either the information was not accurate when it was uploaded (i.e., wrong model number) OR the asset belongs to a manufacturer that we do not yet support. Regardless of the reason, the main thing to understand is that temporary products are NOT connected to the manufacturer, so you won’t see manufacturer updates, contacts, or resources coming to the platform related to that asset.

How do I get my inventory into the BeamON Platform?

Currently the best way to get your inventory into the BeamON platform is to build out the spreadsheet template we send you during the trial program, and email it to us. From here, we take your inventory list and do a little organizing magic, and run a report through our importer to get a quick snapshot of the match rate of your inventory. We’ll send you the report to get a final sign off (it’s your data, you deserve to know how it’s doing in our platform!) and then we will get it uploaded for you once you confirm. We’re currently working on a new feature release to improve our onboarding experience - you can follow the process above for now, but stay tuned for an exciting new feature release that is going to simplify this process for all involved!