Manage Inventory and Assets

Manage Inventory and Assets

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the inventory module in BeamON.

Your Inventory can be found by clicking the 3d cube icon on the left side of any page on the BeamON platform. Your inventory is a comprehensive list of all of the equipment that is managed in your BeamON account, and is comprised of individual assets.

Navigate Your Inventory

The assets in your Inventory list are all listed as “Equipment” in a single list. Once a piece of equipment is added as an asset, you are able to find it in your inventory equipment list. There are several different actions you can take from your Inventory page, specifically searching, filtering, adding new assets, doing a mass edit on assets, and exporting your inventory’s information. Additionally, you can create a user specific view that can be saved as a custom view for the fields that display on the main inventory page.


To search the inventory, navigate to the Search bar at the top of the page. You can type in the product or manufacturer you are looking for to pull a list of those products. The search bar will also show a list of recent searches when clicked.


To filter your inventory, click the funnel-shaped icon to the right of the search bar. You can filter your inventory by model number, manufacturer, tag, status, or by a purchase date range. If you have a filter setting active, you will see a small blue number on the funnel icon with the number of filters you currently have on your inventory page. If you want to clear the filters, you will just click the icon and select “clear” at the bottom of the filter.

Add & Onboard New Assets

To add new assets, click the “+” sign to the right of the funnel icon at the top of the inventory page. From there you will select “equipment.” This will bring you to the “add equipment” pop up. You can either add the manufacturer and search. Once you find a match for the manufacturer,  and then add the Product Name or Model Number, or you can “Skip Manufacturer” to move forward to add your product manually. 

Once you have added a product, you will be given the option to Onboard the new product. If you select “Onboard Now” when offered, you will be taken to a screen where you can add additional information about your product, including custom data, tags, and status. If you opt to dismiss the Onboard notification, you can always search for the product on your inventory page later to add additional information to the individual product. 

If you upload a product that you are unable to match in the BeamON platform, you can still progress forward by skipping the manufacturer and progressing forward. This will create your product as a “Temporary Product.” Temporary products will not be synced to the original manufacturer so you will not see contacts, resources, documents, or manufacturer updates related to the asset pulling into the asset page automatically. However, you can still add information related to the specific asset yourself, and create internal updates as needed.

Mass Edit Your Inventory

To do a mass edit on your inventory, navigate to the top right button to the right of the search bar that has three dots. Once you select this button, you’ll see “Mass Edit” as an option.

Once you select “Mass Edit,” you are able to click any of the products in your product page and then select “Launch Mass Edit.” You’ll be able to change information fields for all the products you selected at one time. Within the mass edit, you are able to work with up to 60 assets at one time.

User-Specific View

Users can set a specific view for their inventory page to prioritize the information they want to see related to their products. To navigate to where to change your user-specific view on your inventory page, click the settings icon to the right of the product topics (located to the right below the inventory search bar). This will create a pop-up with the user-specific view settings. 

Within this view, the user can change the fields that show on the inventory page. The user can drag and drop into a different order, and add new fields into the view from their previously added custom fields. This view is specific to each user, so individuals from across the organization can set views specific to them.

Export Your Inventory

Within the BeamON platform, you have the ability to export your inventory to a .csv file. To do this, navigate to the three dot icon to the right of where you would have added a product, and select “Export All to .CSV”. This will download a spreadsheet to your computer with all your inventory and data (including tags, statuses, and all custom fields.)

You are also able to the export your inventory in your user specific view  and also by filtering. To utilize this functionality, arrange your view to show the desired information (either by filtering or by arranging your user view) and then navigate to the three dot icon to the right of where you would have added a product, and select “Export Current View to .CSV”. This will export an inventory list of exactly the information shown on your inventory list.

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