Utilize Updates

Utilize Updates

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the updates module in BeamON.

The updates section of the platform is located within the icon under where your inventory is located, shaped as a down-pointing arrow.

When you navigate to the Updates page, you’ll see the following categories for your updates: 

  • New
  • Prioritized
  • Completed
  • Dismissed
  • Assigned to Me

These categories are set up to help you navigate updates in a way that makes sense to your organization.

With all updates regardless of category, you are able to click on an update to see the manufacturer, all the assets related to the update, and a description of the update with a direct link to the manufacturer and the update information. From within this view, you can also change the status of the update, complete, or dismiss.

BeamON Asset Page with highlighted asset updates

New Updates

New updates are updates that are either directly from the manufacturer or that have been created internally. “New” updates will display all updates that have not yet been prioritized, completed, or dismissed. They will remain in this list until you take an action step on the update.


Within an update, you are able to select a priority level of “Urgent, Important, Non-Critical, Uncertain.” These four priority levels will help your organization decide what updates need to be addressed and within what order. Once a priority has been selected, the update will move from “New” to “Prioritized.”


Once an update has been marked “complete” it will display in the “Completed.” Assets can be moved back into Prioritized or New if it is deemed necessary.


Updates can be dismissed if it is decided that they are not needed. To dismiss an update, open the update and select “dismiss.” Updates can be moved back into Prioritized or New if this is desired.

Assigned to Me

Updates can be assigned to a user within the platform. If an update as been assigned to you, it will show under the “Assigned to Me” tab. Please note, this will not remove the update from the other tabs that it was previously displaying on - instead it will create a copy of that asset to display in your “Assigned to Me” tab. Actions you take on the “Assigned to Me” updates will duplicate to the other update copy.

Add Internal Updates

An internal update can be added from the Updates page. To add an Internal Update, click the + button at the top right of the page. This will take you to where you can create an update. From here you are able to select if you want to do an update connected to a product or a manufacturer, add products, and then add associated information. The internal update will display in the “New” tab alongside manufacturer updates, unless you go ahead and prioritize it as you create it.

BeamON user interface showing dialogue of creating an internal update

Filter Your Updates

Updates can be filtered similarly to your inventory. Select the funnel icon at the top right of the page and select the filters you would like to set for the page as you’d like. All tabs can be filtered, simply select the tab you’d like to operate from and then filter from there.

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